PUR gravure coating laminating machine

PUR laminating adhesive is one kind of moisture reactive adhesive. As the new generation product in the laminating industry, PUR adhesive gives excellent bonding character, be suitable for laminating of variety textile and surface material. PUR lamination has a number of advantage compared with traditional technology:

Environmental-friendly, PUR adhesive have no solvent ingredient in production, no toxic agent during production, no VOC emission;

Economic performance: PUR machine don’t need huge energy in the laminating process, no cost of solvent and additive, even lower coating weight;

Automatic: PUR machine is mainly automatic or semi-automatic running, etc.

In addition, PUR adhesive give stronger and stable bonding strength, especially for the products which request the higher strength, higher washing performance, higher heat-resistance.

The mainly application:

Film/fabric, including PTFE, TPU, PE, PVC film;

Fabric/fabric, all kinds of fabrics including treated fabrics;




Stable quality is the life of our company.With the rich experience,we are keeping the brilliant and stable production.All of our staff participate the quality control from starting to end.
PUR Laminating Machine

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